Thursday, 13 September 2012

Stunning Ceilings - thinking outside the box

When we think of renovating a room, usually we imagine the type of flooring used, the colours on the walls, the window treatments and furniture.  The surface we often forget is the ceiling. 

Adding a colour besides white is one step towards creating an eye catching ceiling.  This idea looks dramatic when used in an open concept floor plan with higher than 8' ceiling. 

This is a daring choice that works well due to the balance of neutrals in the rest of the space.
Paint can suddenly make an otherwise blah surface interesting.  How about a painted ceiling with a pattern applied via stencil?  Other options include wood, fabric, tin tiles, ceramic tiles or cork.


There is no doubt that this ceiling took many hours to create. So much cutting and fitting is involved when adding wood panels.  You would be wise to have a true craftsman install this so you get results that are straight and true. 

Have a look at the nursery pictured below. The fabric ceiling here adds such a rich look to the space.

Tin tiles can also be a welcome change.  They are very versatile product that can be used on many different surfaces. (You may remember my earlier blog about using them as a backsplash or the front of cupboard doors.)


Ceramic tiles are a practical solution in a bathroom, due to the higher moisture content.  You could go for a subtle textured look that adds classic appeal or a bolder look with plenty of colour.


Cork has become more popular, but it is not limited to only flooring.  It can also be used on ceilings and gives a unique appearance.  Another advantage is that it muffles sound.  The photo here shows it done in a coffered ceiling with potlights.

Ceilings that have an uncommon surface treatment are sure to be noticed and remembered.  Is there a ceiling in your home just waiting for a lift?


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